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Artist Statement

Artist Statement


Desire is what moves us and there is always something desirable just out of reach. My work is about reconciling my worldly desires with my deep longing for a connection with the divine.  I have felt God’s presence throughout my life but as a child this experience was innate. I knew that God was within me and around me and that everything was just as it should be. As an adult I now realize that God did not move away from me but I left him behind as I placed my faith in people and things.    

My recent work is about my attempt to recapture my connection with the divine from this childlike perspective, when I practiced my own religion concocted from dogma, fables, myths and magic. I often use playful materials such as glitter, sequins, and paints in various shades of pink to create work from this unsophisticated viewpoint. I allow myself to “play” in my studio trusting my intuition and even my materials, which I consider a spiritual practice in itself. I peel up Dream Catchers from puddles of medium and sparkly things. My sixteen-year-old self writes love letters to Arshile Gorky with gel pens and stickers. I paint quiet places in the midst of unruly shapes and lines on canvas after reading the words of Lao Tzu and Rumi.